In independent tests commissioned by Stealth mask manufacturer Face Mask Technology Ltd, testers found that both stealth mask models, the Stealth P3 Respirator Face Mask and the Stealth Lite-Sport FFP3 Face Mask, were at least fourteen (14) times more protective against airborne particles, including bacteria, than P3* classification requirements.

The Stealth face masks were tested for three significant criteria: Inward leakage, Filtration efficiency and permitted particle penetration and in every instance exceeded the classification requirements by a factor of fourteen (14).

Tests also showed that when tested against P1 and P2 criteria, Stealth P3 masks were respectively 69 and 30 times more protective.

We carry out a regular testing schedule for all our masks, as providing our customers with the best protection possible our number #1 priority. With our new website ( selling to consumers directly for the first time we wanted to get our mask testing updated. A lot of our new customers are Dentists and other medical professionals and we wanted to be satisfied that our masks would work effectively for them, this has proven to be the case and our new customers can feel confident they are wearing the best P3 face masks available on the market

David Wood – Technical Director

Both the Stealth P3 Respirator Face Mask and the Stealth Lite-Sport FFP3 Face Mask feature industry leading proprietary filter technology called HEPAC-Lite and respirator valves designed to enable use when wearing spectacles, and to aid breathing as filters start to clog up. HEPAC-Lite filters also feature some of the longest replacement times in the industry with replacement recommended after 28 days**

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