Why a P3 face mask filters subscription can be a cost effective solution to keeping your PPE safe and updated.

Do you struggle to remember when your P3 face mask filters need changing? Worry no more we’ve launching a service to make your life easier.

Stealth Mask have launched a new P3 respirator face mask filter subscription service after listening to our customers feedback.

We’ve highlighted below the 4 clear reasons why purchasing a P3 filter subscription is a cost effective solution:

1. Saves time

After talking to our customers, feedback revealed P3 face mask users struggled to remember when their P3 filters needed changing, and it was identified by customers who work in industries that are already under resourced, it had created an additional workload.

Dental practices in particular, reported practice staff struggled to record filter usage.

Failure to remember to change your filters could result in overuse, which will affect the performance of your mask and if you work in a clinical or dental setting this could easily endanger practice staff and patients alike.

2. Full protection

As a result, we’ve changed our P3 face mask filters replacement recommendation to ‘every 28 days’, as opposed to ’28 days use’.

We have made this decision to further enhance safety and to remove the need for you to remember when you last changed your filters.

3. Easy to manage

Customers can sign up and buy the filter subscription service by adding it to your purchase when you are purchasing a mask, or you can buy a filter subscription service as a separate item here

You can also choose monthly or quarterly delivery schedules, and you can cancel anytime.

4. Cost saving

The P3 filter subscription service is a cost-effective solution to the problem of remembering when to replace your face mask filters plus you can save significant sums.

The filter subscription service offers a significant savings. You’ll save around 18% on each filter replacement posted with free delivery – what’s not to love?

If you would like to sign up and buy the Stealth’s P3 respirator mask filter subscription service, then head over to Stealth Mask website and select the filters and addons section or just click here.

About Stealth

We’re an independent British design-to-manufacturer of respiratory filters and face masks with over 65 years of experience. The Stealth mask range has been developed by a research & development team that have designed and engineered some of the most efficient and highest performance safety respirators available – considered as the benchmark of the industry today. If you would like to view the Stealth mask range, click here to visit the Stealth Mask website

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